IEP's and 504 

For many years I have been working on getting my children accommodations, and for many years, I have been told no. Because I did not understand the laws and was homeschooling (through public charters), I did not pursue it; I wish I had. Last year I became an advocate for my children. I am still learning, and the process will be a long one. As I am going through the process, I will share what I know with you.

I am not going to re-create an advocacy site. I am going to share the places I used, samples of letters I wrote, and laws. 

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Advocacy Sites and Articles


Book of French Laws


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Open Book

Sample Letters


Writing by the Water


"We have been going to Zack for tutoring in math for a little over a month now. Zack is a great tutor! Not only is he proficient in math at many levels, he is also patient, kind, and very encouraging as a tutor. He keeps my son interested and focused on the concepts at hand. My son said to me "Mom, I remember how much I love math!!!"-Maya

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