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Failing at the "Home" Part of Homeschooling

"“Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion has no hold on the mind. Therefore do not use compulsion, but let early education be a sort of amusement; you will then be better able to discover the child's natural bent.” ― Plato

When I first started on this homeschool journey I imagined using some sort of curriculum, sitting at a table, and working on school work. Pretty much school at home. What I discovered was that learning was more fun with hands on activities and field trips. After a year or so, I discovered outside classes and activities. Slowly we began our journey away from the table and out into the world.

It was so much fun when they were younger. I planned activities to do at the zoo, museum, and other educational places (like Legoland or Disneyland). The kids learned so much and I enjoyed our time together.

As they got older I found they needed and wanted more of this type of learning. So I began adding more stuff to our schedule. We continued to add classes, activities, and field trips. Soon my calendar was filled. It got to the point where we were only home to sleep or change for the next activity. The following year I decided we would reduce our time outside the home, so I cut back. We were finally home for one day a week. That one day a week gave me time to prepare meals and clean the house. Then we found some activities that looked looked like fun and something that the kids needed. So we signed up, but it was ok because it was only 1 hour out of the day we were home. I still had 23 hours at the house.

Well other activities found their way back into our schedule. They were pretty sneaky, I never saw them coming. Next thing you know we are full once again.

This year I have committed myself to have at least a few hours at home, because 1) I am worn out, 2) the house cannot look like a disaster zone, 3) we need clean clothes, and 4) my 11 year old is currently enrolled in an online school and needs time to complete his work. This commitment to stay home has worked to some degree. Here is what our schedule looked like beginning of the school year (September 5th).

Monday - home all day, out in the evening for 1 hour (for school work and live online classes). They have 1 hour of activities in the evening

Tuesday - home all day, out in the evening for 2 hours (school work, house cleaning and meal prep). The husband and I have evening classes

Wednesday - Out in the morning for classes (younger son) and evening- back after lunch then homework, leave again in the evening for 1 hour activity.

Thursday - out from morning until 3 pm then evening classes for husband and I

Friday - out for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening.

Weekends are always jam packed with activities.

Here is what it looks like now (9/25)

Monday - out in the evening, home for dinner, then back out till 10 pm

Tuesday - mostly home, run errands we cannot do other days.

Wednesday - out for morning classes, back home after lunch, then back out in the evening, home for dinner

Thursday - out at lunch time, back home for dinner

Friday - out before lunch and not home until dinner time.

Weekends are still jam packed with activities. Saturday we try to save for family only events.

As you can see I am failing miserably at putting the "home" in homeschooling. What are your days like? Do you set a day aside to stay home?

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