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Math is Everywhere

You might not know, but math is in your everyday life! There are numbers and shapes everywhere. If you are driving a car and you see a stop sign, you are looking directly at an octagon, which is a shape! Also, if you have a playlist on your phone that has ten songs in it, and you only want one song to play, you got yourself a math problem! How? This type of math problem is called probability. For instance: if you roll a dice, what is the probability that you will roll a two? Well, there are six sides on a die and one of the sides is a two, then you have a 1/6 chance of rolling a two because there are six sides and one of them is a two.

Let’s look at another example of math in everyday life. Say you are at a café and are ordering some food and the cost of the food is $5.25. You order the food and give the cashier $10.00. Do you know how much change you should get back? You should know how much change you are supposed to get back because the cashier might make a mistake or be dishonest. Unfortunately, this has happened to me, I was at a restaurant and I purchased some items and I calculated how much money I should get back and the cashier gave me less money than I should have gotten back. However, I did not tell the cashier, I went to my Mom and told her I got ripped-off. I could have told the cashier, but I did not speak up, so do not be afraid to speak up! Math is in your everyday life so refresh your skills or learn new concepts at Kid2Kid Tutorials!

Refresh your math skills or learn new concepts on my YouTube channel “Kid2Kid Tutorials”.

Tutorials include:

  • Elementary math

  • Algebra I and II

  • Geometry

  • Trigonometry (to come)

  • Science and History Projects

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