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Archaeology and Early Humans

Videos: National Geographic Kids – watch videos. The videos are only a few minutes long. You can watch multiple or one at a time. Videos should be followed by an activity.

1. All About Archaeology 2. Archaeologists - Career Spotlight 3. Learn About the Mayan's 4. Lost Temples: Mayan Pyramids of ChichenItza 5. Uncover Life in Pompeii 6. The Lost City of Pompeii 7. Explore Ancient Egypt 8. - Ancient Egypt (this site has online access; they have chat rooms. If your child signs up, please be sure to monitor their use.) 9. China's Terracotta Warriors 10. On Board: Travels with the First Lady in China 11. All About Archaeology Finale

Activities: Below are some ideas for activities. You can find more online. I have linked the kits and Minecraft video. We have also created and linked videos on how to make clay fossils.

Create a dig or purchase a fossil online