Base 10

We are working on a new videos series that covers the basics of the binary system, logic gates, and Boolean algebra. Below is the first video of the series. 


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Issy's Recipes (Eggs)

Today I made eggs they turned out really good here is the recipe 1 Egg 1 Tbs of milk Pinch of salt Red Pepper to taste (I like it spicy so I added a lot) Pan with olive oil You can eat it with a tort


"We have been going to Zack for tutoring in math for a little over a month now. Zack is a great tutor! Not only is he proficient in math at many levels, he is also patient, kind, and very encouraging as a tutor. He keeps my son interested and focused on the concepts at hand. My son said to me "Mom, I remember how much I love math!!!"-Maya

"Great video, good job."- YouTube Comment

"He makes this look so easy." - Mago

"holy shit, I'm second year engineering undergrad student and I'm watching this."
-YouTube Comment

"Damn that boy is good, mad props to him and his future! " - YouTube comment

Holy shit, I'm a 3rd year Business economics major and I'm watching this lol - YouTube Comment

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