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First Day of Online Class - March 30, 2020

My children’s school began their first day of online learning. Here is how our first day went.

Issy -5th Grade

Most of Issy’s assignments were on online. He had assignments via Google Sites, Brain Pop (one of our favorite sites), Dream Box, See Saw, and Epic.

I had Issy prepare his work area for the day (dining room table). He brought down his backpack with all his school materials, he charged his laptop, he got out his pencils, and a notepad.

He then logged onto his school email and followed the links sent by his teachers. We had all the links open. This was helpful as Issy went through his agenda. He did not have to search for the site and worry about logging on. He clicked on the tab he needed and began to complete his assignment.

The teachers had posted an agenda for the class. This made it easy for Issy to work through his assignments.

It took him 3 hours to prep and complete all his assignments. He would have been done in 2 hours if he was not behind in his writing. I think he enjoyed being back to school. I am hoping they will add in some virtual meetings so the kids can see each other and their teachers.