Issy's Recipes (Eggs)

Today I made eggs they turned out really good here is the recipe

1 Egg

1 Tbs of milk

Pinch of salt

Red Pepper to taste (I like it spicy so I added a lot)

Pan with olive oil

You can eat it with a tortilla or toast


Step 1 : Crack the egg and put it in to a bowl.

Step 2 : Next Whisk the eggs.

Step 3 : Then add 1 Tbs of milk.

Step 4 : Whisk the egg and milk.

Step 5 : Add a pinch of salt and add red pepper.

Step 6 : Set pan up and add olive oil then heat it up.

Step 7 : Once the pan is heated up add the mixed egg in the pan.

Step 8 : You can heat the toast or tortilla in the same pan or heat it up another way.

Step 9 : Put all your food on a plate and enjoy.

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