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March 25th & 26th Schooling During Quarantine.

Monday and Tuesday, we stuck to our schedule (see previous blog post). We got through all of the planned work . Issy complained but completed all his academic work. Zach kept messing around and complaining. It took him forever to do the work, because he spent the entire time complaining.

Vlad worked since he is considered an essential employee. Luckily, he and his employees can work virtually. Their office is technically open (it has to be), but they are all at home working.

I unpacked and organized our office so Vlad had a quiet place to work. I had written out the chore list on our family board. Monday went well. We had a few "I don't want to", but the chores were completed.

Tuesday was a different story. I was finishing up the office and at times annoying Zach. He was in his room and I would pop in every 10 minutes and show him a random document I found while unpacking. I found mine and Vlad's diplomas, so I ran into Zach's office and said, "Look! mom and dad's diploma."

Zach, "That's nice,"

10 minutes later: Me, " Look! It's the dog's vaccine record!"