March 30th to April 7th

What have we been up to this past week? Well, we wrapped up the first week of online learning, began stay@home learning, did a few projects around the house, and zoomed with family.

First week of online learning:

The first week of online learning was OK. It was easy tasks and the kids had completed what they needed to do within an hour or two. The Governor here announced school closures indefinitely . Our school decided to begin stay@home learning. Which is pretty much the same thing as what we did online, except more work.

First Couple Days of Stay@Home Learning

Stay@home learning began Monday. The teachers are posting assignments and instructional videos for the kids to view and complete. The school day is from 8:30 am to 3;00 pm with lunch thrown in between.

The schools also announced the kids will not be graded after 3/13/2020. It is a pass/fail method. This is not a good thing for my kids, because they are now putting in the least amount of effort as possible. I understand why the school made this decision, but I do not feel its best for my kids, so I am watching them like a hawk.

Issy's school is having an online session twice a week. Issy is excited to see his classmates and teacher .

Zach misses track and wants to get back to sports with teammates.

Oh this is fun and why did I do this projects

During this week I had the kids do other things besides play video games. Issy cooked his first batch of paneer butter masala (vegetarian version on butter chicken), we played some games in the yard, we had a zoom call with family, and Vlad and I began removing carpet from the master bedroom (the why did I do this project).

Here are some pictures , enjoy!


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