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Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Online School and Classes

What a year this has been. I want to just fast forward and move on. I like many of you have not decided what to do for school this year. Some cities offer in-person school, some online, some hybrid, and some all these options. It is a challenging time for parents, students, and teachers.

For us, we are weighing our options with a strong lean towards online school. We will more than likely use the method our school is offering. I am choosing the school options instead of homeschooling because we may lose our 504 and IEP’s if we homeschool. I have fought too hard and cried too many tears to have to restart that process.

I know for some, the public school option is not going to be a good one, so I have compiled a shortlist of some online schools. Most have flexible classes, and some have live online classes. I hope this helps with deciding for your kids. Just know all we can do is our best. There is no perfect scenario. Here is to hoping everything goes back to the normal we know.

  1. Time4Learning – K-12. Self-pace and has engaging videos. My kids enjoyed using T4L

  2. IXL – This is more for practice. The teaching part is lacking

  3. Varsity Tutors – we have used them for tutoring, not for classes. We were impressed with the tutors.

  4. Outschool – Offers live and flexible classes.

  5. Athena Academy – Grade 1-8 (offer classes for dyslexic students). Great gifted program

  6. John Hopkins CTY – for gifted students. Live, and self-paced classes. K-12. Expensive

  7. Stanford Online High School – Grade 7-12 – Ability based

  8. Art of Problem Solving (Math) Pre-Algebra to Group Theory – We loved this program. They offer curriculum and online classes. My kids did not take the online class; I taught them with the help of tutors. I highly recommend them

  9. Beast Academy- ages 8-13. This part of Art of Problem Solving.

  10. Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (eimacs) – For gifted students. A fun way to learn math. My kids did the self-paced option, and they loved it.

  11. K12 – There program is flexible, and when we used them (9 years ago), we found the curriculum robust. We stopped due to cost, and I wanted more hands-on learning.

  12. Connections Academy- K-12 online school

  13. Acellus Academy – K-12

  14. Article with a list of best online high schools cities and states have an online academy. You can do a quick google search.

  15. Arbor Learning Community - When we lived in So. California, my kids, took a few classes at Arbor. The lessons are engaging, fun, children troubleshoot ideas, teachers are knowledgeable, and it is an inclusive and welcoming environment. We were sad to leave California and the Arbor community. Well, we just found out they are now offering online classes. I highly recommend Arbor.

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