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Organizing Your Documents for IEP/504 Plans

Note: I am not a attorney or advocate. I am a parent sharing my experience in obtaining a 504 plan for both my kids.

The process of obtaining an IEP or 504 plan can be hectic. Attending an IEP or 504 meetings can be even more hectic and scary. Trying to access all your doctors' letters, evaluations, concerns, knowing your rights, academic records, attendance records, notes, etc... while in a meeting needs to be an easy process. You do not want to spend most of the session looking for documents or information. I created binders for each of my children. For my older son, I was able to fit all of his papers in one large binder. I had to split it between two large binders for my younger son and need a third one.

The Binder's include the following items. ( I also date when I received the documents).