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Our Schedule March 23 and 24th

I will post our school schedule every other day. I was planning on posting it weekly, however, I need to see where my kids are academically. I want to fill in any holes, any areas of struggle, and then meet their academic level. This will take time.

Also, where we are living schools plan on going online on the 30th. If that happens, I will still post plans and hope to provide videos on the topic they are learning at school for those kids who need extra assistance.

Let’s start with Issy’s schedule. A little bit about Issy, he is in 5th grade, is an exceptional reader, and is ahead in math. He is bored with the math school provides, so I am going to take this time and allow him to work on math topics that are challenging for him. I will also focus on concepts, not rote memorization. Issy also has fine motor issues and see’s an OT. Since we cannot go anywhere, I will work on finding ways to help him the best I can.

Issy’s Weekly Schedule

Issy’s schedule for Monday and Tuesday of this week:

Math: I am using Time4Learning for the basics, but I plan on sitting with him and explaining the why behind the math problems. We will also spend 10 -15 minutes using the book “ Becoming a Problem-Solving Genius”.

Language Arts: I am using Time4Learning for language arts. We will also do some reading. You can use free sites like Learn Zillion.

Music: Issy will just practice what he already knows. I will look for online violin lessons and will share when I find a good one. We do not have a private music teacher he gets lessons via the school.

A bit about Zach, he is a 9th grader and is doing well in all his classes. He needs help with study habits and working through test anxiety.

Zach’s Weekly Schedule

Zach’s schedule for Monday and Tuesday of this week: