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Week of March 16th to 20th

My goal is to post one blog post every week. This is a goal not a promise. With the kids and husband at home things will be a bit chaotic.



1. Math for 30 minutes. We used Khan Academy and he worked on areas of math where he needs additional work. He has trouble converting word problems into math. So, I worked with him on that. I do cover that in our math lesson plans. Word problems can be difficult, visualizing is helpful.

2. Grammar was supposed to be 30 minutes using Khan Academy. However, it ended up being 10 minutes. I am horrible at grammar and writing so I try not to teach that myself. I do have other resources, but this week we are just unwinding and slowly getting back to schooling. 30 minutes on Khan is sufficient at this time.

3. Science was so much fun. Ismael has been wanting to make a lava lamp for some time now. So, we did! We made a lava lamp using instructions from

4. History: we were to do history, but I got lazy and skipped it.


Math: Zach is prepping for his AP BC Calculus exam. He spent 1 hour on Khan Academy and got help from a tutor when needed. We use an online tutor ( from Princeton review). He did not do anything academic after that. He started to build a figurine his uncle bought him. So, I let him be.


I blogged, worked on some lesson plans, cleaned, and spent time on Facebook . Most of my time was spent on Facebook, hey not going to lie.


He worked we did not see him until dinner time.


We worked out as a family. We have a gym in our basement and we finally are using it.



Math: He worked on fractions using Khan Academy.

Philosophy/Ethics: We had a short discussion on COVID-19 and our responsibility to protect others. Issy, had some viewpoints. I just started at him for 20 minutes, then asked if he was serious. He then walked away without saying anything. Now I am questioning my parenting. I think he was kidding.


Math He continued to study for his test.


Worked with kids then cleaned the house. I have some issues with cleaning. I think my need to clean is a problem and I should probably see why I am constantly doing it.


He worked and made a mess. He did clean it up, but it was hard for me to bite my tongue. See my issues with cleaning above.


Science: We watched some videos on forensic science . I am trying to figure out a project that involves "blood" splatter. We will of course use food coloring. The problem we have is that our backyard is under construction (new patio/parking pad) and I am afraid of what people who walk by will think. Can you imagine walking by a house and seeing red splatter in different locations? Especially, since everyone knows kids are at home. They might think I lost it.


I did a spinning class (at home), Issy boxed, Zach and Vlad lifted weights. We also took the dog for a walk.

We once again skipped history. I just forgot.


We only did math. I left the kids to do it on their own, so they pretty much did nothing. I cleaned again. Yes, I have issues.



Math: Khan Academy and "Becoming a Problem-Solving Genius.

Grammar: Khan Academy

Reading: His choice. He has 5 million books.

Science: I am going to have Issy pull out his Arduino kit. I will post pictures and videos on Facebook and Instagram.


Math: AP Exam prep

Language Arts: Read part of the "Everything You Need to Ace English Language Arts in One Big Fat Notebook".

Science: More forensic science using Crash Course. I may have him do some coding as well. He is taking a Computer Science class and I want him to stay on top of it.


Writing this blog and working on lesson plans.


Working from home


Workout. Probably boxing and some Jiu Jitsu.


We are going to do more math and Science. I will have them read and finally get some history and philosophy worked into the day. Workout will probably be weights and walking the dog.

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